Fix Your Broken Windshield ASAP

We provide windshield replacement services in Longview, TX

Even though small cracks in your car window may seem like a minor issue, they pose a major safety threat that can cause more expensive damage in the future. You should make sure a broken window is fixed or replaced right away. Turn to Southern Star Collision for affordable window repair or windshield replacement services in Longview, TX.

We use the best materials, so you can rest assured that your window replacement will last a long time. Don't let cracked windows turn into serious problems in the long run. Contact us today to get your window or windshield fixed.

When should you call us?

If there's an issue with your windshield or car window, don't delay. Reach out to us if:

  • Your window is stuck or jammed in the socket and won't close
  • Your window or windshield is shattered
  • Your windshield is loose or rattling
  • Your windshield is pitted

Get in touch with us now to schedule a consultation for our window repair or windshield replacement services in Longview, TX.

Make your damaged windows as good as new

Many factors beyond your control can cause damage to your windshield. Whether you need a complete windshield replacement or a minor window repair, Southern Star Collision will be there.

We have the experience to address cracks and chips caused by:

  • Impact with a deer, bird or other critter
  • Tree branches falling on your car
  • A head-on collision with another vehicle
  • Road debris flying into your windshield
  • Loose rocks from dump trucks

We work with insurance companies and offer deductible assistance for the window repairs or replacements you need. Call 903-309-4732 to schedule a widow or windshield replacement service.