Don't Risk Your Safety on the Road

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Your car's sideview and rearview mirrors help you drive safely. A cracked or broken mirror makes it hard to see drivers near you and can lead to fatal accidents. Southern Star Collision offers mirror repair and mirror replacement services in Longview, TX. We work with all insurance providers, and we'll make your sideview and rearview mirrors look brand-new after our services.

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Your first choice for mirror repairs or replacements

We're a leading provider of mirror repair and replacement services. Choose us because we:

  • Provide quick services to get you back on the road fast
  • Make sure that the parts we use will match the make and model of your car perfectly
  • Provide rental car assistance to fix your rental car in case of a minor issue

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Watch out for your blind spots

If you have mirror damage, it can make safe driving a challenge. Whether it's a cracked side mirror or a missing rearview mirror, it's important to schedule prompt mirror repair or replacement services. Functional mirrors let you know:

  • That it's safe to merge onto the freeway
  • That you can safely change lanes
  • If there are vehicles in your blind spots
  • If anything is behind you while backing up

Missing or damaged mirrors aren't just a safety hazard, but they can also result in a hefty fine. Contact us today to schedule mirror replacement or repair services.